Chapter 6, Section 178C. Definitions.

Chapter 6, Section 178D. Sex offender registry.

Chapter 6, Section 178E. Transmission of registration data to criminal history systems board, police departments and FBI.

Chapter 6, Section 178F. Annual verification of registration data; homeless shelter as residence of sex offender; juveniles; disclosure of information.

Chapter 6: Section 178F ½. Yearly personal appearance to verify data.

Chapter 6, Section 178G. Termination of obligation to register.

Chapter 6, Section 178H. Failure to register, verify information or provide notice of change of address; providing false information; penalties.

Chapter 6, Section 178I. Report identifying sex offender; request for information; confidentiality.

Chapter 6, Section 178J. Request for sex offender information; notice of penalty for misuse; data required to receive report.

Chapter 6, Section 178K. Sex offender registry board; member qualifications; guidelines to assess risk of reoffense; notification.

Chapter 6, Section 178L. Classifications of sex offenders by board; hearings; right to counsel.

Chapter 6: Section 178M. Judicial review of final classification.

Chapter 6, Section 178N. Misuse of information; penalties.

Chapter 6, Section 178O. Liability of public officials and employees for sex offender registry information.

Chapter 6, Section 178P. Failure to comply with registration requirements; right to arrest.

Chapter 6, Section Q. Sex Offender Registry fee.

General Laws of Massachusetts