Many kids with special health care needs can often use a regular car seat. Work with your medical provider to determine if you can use a regular car seat, or if your child has special considerations that might be better addressed by an adaptive or specialized car seat. 

What type of seats are available?

In addition to regular car seats, specialized and adaptive restraints are available:

  • Car beds for infants who must travel lying down
  • Specialized rear-facing seat for children with omphaloceles
  • Convertible car seat for children with hip casts
  • Large medical seats for kids who need additional positioning support
  • Adaptive belt positioning booster seats for kids who need additional positioning support
  • Vests or harnesses – some can be used for kids who have casts that require them to lie down while traveling. Others are upright with closures in the front or back.

What resources are available?

Child Passenger Safety Technicians who have taken the Safe Travel for All Children course are trained to help with the installation of specialized car seats. Find your local special needs technician here.