Our vision for the Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Program in Massachusetts:

  • 100% of all grant-funded activities, including fitting stations and checkup events, will be posted on the HSD Website;
  • 100% of grantees will receive support from HSD in their efforts to notify media outlets of their grant-funded activities;
  • 100% of grantees will post all grant-funded activities on their organization's website;
  • 100% of the people in need of services will receive the necessary information, equipment and assistance at no cost;
  • 100% of the seats currently in stock at our partner organizations will be distributed before their expiration date to people in need;
  • Current technicians will be recertified at a rate equal to or higher than the national average;
  • Upon request, handcards will be printed and disseminated to all police departments, fire departments, hospitals, grantees and certified technicians and instructors by mail.
  • HSD will work with the other NHTSA Region 1 States to produce a CPS Video; and
  • Training courses will be offered regularly throughout the year for both new and current CPS technicians.