• State Police Collision Analysis & Reconstruction Section (C.A.R.S.)

    C.A.R.S. is a full-time unit of highly trained officers, available 24-hours a day, seven-days a week, to provide expertise, technical assistance and specialized equipment to State Police personnel and local law enforcement.
  • State Police Motor Vehicle Regulatory Section (MVRS)

    Some of MVRS responsibilities include: commercial driver licensing, the prevention and deterrence of identity theft, consumer and insurance fraud, the deterrence of fraud and theft within the Registry of Motor Vehicles, dealer / repair plate investigations and facility inspections. To handle the duties of the section efficiently the MVRS is separated into four units.
  • State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section

    The mission of the State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section (CVES or "Truck Team") is the responsibility to safe-guard the operation of all this industrial traffic. The CVES operates an extensive network of policing strategies driven by leadership, expertise, collaboration and enforcement.