• Compliance and Education

  • Roadside Inspection

    Officers work daily to monitor the mechanical and operational safety of commercial vehicles that travel the state's 35,000 miles of public roads everyday.
  • Hazardous Materials

    Insuring the safe transportation of millions of gallons of petroleum, and hazardous material through the communities of the Commonwealth is a vital mission of the CVES.
  • Weigh Stations

    Weight stations allow the Truck Team to concentrate its policing of commercial traffic in strategic locations along the state's most traveled highways.
  • Local Enforcement

    The CVES responds quickly to community safety concerns by providing training to municipal police officers in Massachusetts Commercial Vehicle law.
  • Crashes and Investigations

    Our technical crash investigators combine their advanced knowledge of federal safety regulations and accident investigation techniques to determine causation and liability in any crash involving a commercial vehicle.
  • Regional Academy

    The Regional Academy is the only State Police organization in the country who design and implement Commercial Vehicle Enforcement programs, education and training for other police departments on the international, regional and national level.