• State Police Commercial Driver Licensing Unit

    CDL Unit
    The Commercial Driver License (CDL) Unit is the primary licensing authority for commercial driver licenses in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • State Police Compliance Unit

    Compliance Unit
    The Massachusetts State Police Compliance Unit is responsible for a variety of law enforcement duties focusing on investigations of license fraud and identity theft. These investigations can involve many different sections of government involving state, local and federal agencies.
  • State Police Salvage Title Unit

    Salvage Title Unit
    The Salvage Title Unit operates daily at five locations throughout the state. We conduct salvage inspections and assign Mass Vehicle Identification Numbers (for kit cars, homemade trailers, motorcycles and any other vehicles intended for use on the Commonwealth's roadways that either do not have, are missing, or have altered Vehicle Identification numbers). Registry investigations are also conducted when necessary.
  • State Police Vehicle Services Unit

    The Vehicle Services Unit is a diverse unit with a variety of responsibilities including investigations on commercial establishments with section five license plates, enforcement of Massachusetts General Law, and the certification of any commercial applicant for a section five license plate.