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The Massachusetts State Police Commercial Driver License (CDL) Unit is the primary licensing authority for commercial driver licenses in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. On October 26, 1986, Congress passed the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986. This law requires each State to meet the same minimum standards for commercial driver licensing. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts adopted these standards with the Uniform Operation of Commercial Vehicles Act under Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.) Chapter 90F on January 20, 1991. Since then, the CDL unit has provided exceptional service to the public and commercial establishments. We provide these services to the Commonwealths citizens without hesitation. The members of the CDL unit understand the need to balance, providing service to the citizens, while maintaining a high standard for the safety of these same citizens. A commercial driver license brings many responsibilities and the CDL licensing process helps ensure the licensees know how to handle those responsibilities for the safety of the citizens of Massachusetts.

State Police Troopers who examine have a unique responsibility for ensuring that drivers who are granted a Commercial Driver License have the knowledge and skills required for safe operation of their vehicles. Personnel specially trained and certified in C.D.L. program requirements conduct commercial driver license skills test exams. This includes all class A, B, and C licensing as well as operators who transport passengers or hazardous materials regardless of license class. CDL skills test exams take 1-½ hours to administer. This includes a vehicle pre-trip inspection, air brake test, four off-street maneuvers, and an on-street road test; all required under the CDL guidelines. To be certified as a CDL examiner, each Trooper must undergo a 15-Day CDL Basic Examiner Certification Course as a minimum standard to conduct CDL skills test exams. Each year there after, the same personnel must take a 10-Day CDL Annual Examiner Recertification Course. The yearly training includes a review and reinforcement of the skills, knowledge, and overall CDL procedures the examiner obtained from the CDL Basic Course. This allows for continued compliance with Federal guidelines as well as ensuring that all CDL examiners stay current and proficient in all aspects of CDL procedures and regulations. To be certified, each Trooper must obtain and maintain an active CDL driver license that will cover the class of vehicle that is being used for the exam. For information on applying for a Commercial Drivers License please call the Registry of Motor Vehicles CAB unit at (617) 351-4500or 1-800-858-3926. For questions about the Commercial Drivers License Unit not addressed in this posting you can also call the CDL unit directly at (617) 351-9086 or click on these links.