Captain Steve Vrona, Section Commander (617) 973-8967

Members of the Salvage Title Unit inspect a newly constructed motorcycle and miscellaneous motor vehicle parts.

The Salvage Title Unit operates daily at five locations throughout the state. We conduct salvage inspections and assign Massachusetts Vehicle Identification Numbers (for kit cars, homemade trailers, motorcycles and any other vehicles intended for use on the Commonwealths road ways that either do not have, are missing, or have altered Vehicle Identification numbers). Registry investigations involving the general public and commercial establishments are also conducted when necessary. Each site, when open, performs inspections on a first come - first served basis, with no advance appointment except for VIN assignments. All inspection site hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the days* indicated below for each particular site.

Massachusetts Highway Department
Route 24, Exit 15 at Route 104
1580 Pleasant St.
Inspection days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Massachusetts Highway Department
Route 495, Exit 50
Route 97, Broadway
Inspection days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Massachusetts Highway Department
Route 20 at Route 9
Inspection days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

Massachusetts Highway Department
735 Washington Avenue
West of Intersection of Route 60 and Route 1
At Malden line near Linden Square
Inspection days: Monday and Friday

Massachusetts Highway Department
Route 20
93 East Main St.
Inspection days: Thursday


*Please Note: Due to State Police staffing constraints, sites may not be open on some posted dates and times. Please call (617) 351-9084 to verify that a site is open on that day.


The Salvage Title Unit operates to enforce a variety of Massachusetts General Laws, in particular the Salvage Title Law MGL ch 90 s 20D, which mandates inspection of all vehicles branded with a Salvage Title. During the course of these inspections we also enforce proper licensing of Class II, and III dealers (Used vehicle and Salvage Yards) that may have been associated with the vehicle being inspected. We also recover a variety of stolen motor vehicles, motor vehicle parts, and motorcycles that result in the successful charging and prosecution of a variety of related crimes. Although enforcement of Massachusetts law is a focus of the Salvage Title Unit we recognize the importance of the services we provide to the public and commercial establishments we deal with. The Salvage Title Unit is an important advocate for the consumer as well as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our primary function is to act as a deterrent to the theft and remanufacture of stolen vehicles while simultaneously preventing insurance fraud and ensuring the operational safety of the vehicles through our inspections. Much of the specific information needed for inspections can be found at or (617) 351-9065.