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The Massachusetts State Police Vehicle Services Unit is a diverse unit with a variety of responsibilities including: school bus inspections, investigations on commercial establishments with section five license plates, enforcement of Massachusetts General Law, and the certification of any commercial applicant for a section five license plate. Section five license plates are plates issued by the registry to commercial establishments for the purpose of conducting their business. It is essential that these establishments show their compliance with the terms of these plates prior to their issue and subsequently thereafter. All of the school busses used to transport students in Massachusetts must be inspected three times a year by the Vehicles Services Unit for compliance with safety regulations and a variety of other issues stipulated in Massachusetts General Law. During the course of these duties the members of the Vehicle Services Unit provide an additional law enforcement presence on the roadways of the Commonwealth. The Vehicle Services Unit does not take the safety of the Commonwealths most important resource, our children, lightly. Each inspection is conducted efficiently and professionally with a high regard for the safety of each child that may be riding on the busses we inspect. The Vehicle Services Unit inspects tens of thousands of busses each year along with hundreds of investigations on a variety of commercial establishments.

A section five license plate is a term given to a license plate issued by the Registrar that falls under the regulations of Massachusetts General Law Ch. 90 §5, which authorizes the Registrar to issue special plates. These plates are issued to persons engaged in the following occupations relating to motor vehicles: manufacturer, dealer, repairman, recreational vehicle and recreational trailer dealer, boat and boat trailer dealer, farmer, owner-contractor, transporter and person involved in the harvesting of forest products ( Special plates info  ). In order to be granted a section five license plate an applicant must apply through the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Once the application is received and deemed compliant under registry policies for the particular plate applied for. An investigation is then assigned to the Vehicle Services Unit. Vehicle Services will perform an onsite inspection of the establishment applying for the plate. Once the establishment passes this inspection the approval process is nearly complete and the section five plate applied for will be issued some time thereafter. The links to follow will provide any and all information regarding the application for a section five license plate.

In order to ensure compliance with the law and registry policy regarding section five license plates Vehicle Services performs random spot checks on establishments issued a section five license plate. These spot checks are done on a random basis and when a complaint is filed against a particular establishment and deemed to have sufficient cause. These spot checks are an essential part of maintaining compliance with Massachusetts Law regarding section five plates. The compliance with all regulations regarding section five plates is a deterrent to the abuse, and illegal use of, these plates.

A school bus inspection is an important responsibility of the Vehicle Services Unit and is conducted under the guidelines set forth under Massachusetts General Law ( Chapter 90, Section 7A. Rules and regulations for periodic inspections of motor vehicles; school buses; fees). School bus inspections are done three times per year during December/January, April/May, and August/September. The Vehicle Services Unit can be contacted at (617) 973-8975 for an appointment. Massachusetts Law specifically defines the school busses that fall under this inspection process and can be found at the following link: There are many other school bus and transport vehicles that fall under different inspection criteria. Information regarding theses vehicles and other helpful links can be found below.

The Vehicle Services Unit provides numerous services to the citizens of Massachusetts and does so with pride, professionalism and a dedication to the duties and Laws governing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For questions or concerns not addressed in this posting please contact the Vehicle Services Unit at (617) 973-8975.