Pedestrian Safety

In 2014, approximately 21% (70) of all motor vehicle-related fatalities (328) were pedestrians in Massachusetts. November and December see the most pedestrian fatalities and people 25 years and older are victims of pedestrian crashes at much higher rates than younger people. 

A variety of risk factors exist for pedestrians. Almost a third of pedestrian fatalities result from individuals darting or running into the road. A large majority of pedestrian fatalities take place outside a crosswalk and most pedestrian fatalities occur in non-daylight hours. To reduce risk, pedestrians should utilize crosswalks and by law motorists need to yield to pedestrians. 

To improve pedestrian safety, the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security's Highway Safety Division (EOPSS-HSD) supports local police departments by providing resources for enforcing laws that keep pedestrians safe; works with other state agencies and organizations seeking to create safe travel conditions; and provides public information.