Speedwatch Collage

In this activity, citizen volunteers use radar to track speeds at a target location for one week for approximately one hour per day, at various times of day. The results are then recorded on a standardized form. Whenever possible, license plate numbers and vehicle descriptions are also recorded. We suggest a police officer accompany the citizen conducting the Radarwatch.

The police department then compiles this information and sends "friendly warning" letters to registered vehicle owners.

Click on the links below to download forms for a Radarwatch Schedule, Radarwatch Log, and a sample friendly warning letter that will help you in this activity.

Radarwatch Certificate pdf format of Radarwatch_certificate.pdf

Friendly Warning Letter doc format of friendlyletter-speedwatch.doc

Radarwatch Log doc format of radarwatchlog.doc

Radarwatch Schedule doc format of radarwatchschedule.doc