Holyoke drivers get speed reminder newspaper clipping image

The use of speed feedback signs, such as a speed monitor or speed trailer, is a major part of the Speedwatch grant program.

A great deal of research supports the use of speed feedback signs as a strategy for speed reduction. However, there is less information available about the specific details (such as how long or where) of speed monitor use. Culling from available articles, MassSAFE has the following suggestions:

  • Speed feedback signs are most effective at the first point of motorist visibility and for a short distance past the site. Place speed monitors at the beginning of your selected enforcement site to maximize speed reduction throughout the enforcement area.
  • Displaying a speed monitor over a short-term period seems to be more effective than using it for a long-term period. Drivers begin to ignore the monitor when its placement seems permanent. We suggest that you use the monitor in random locations, on random days and times.
  • Speed feedback signs are more effective with associated enforcement efforts. Using them without enforcement is not recommended.

A downloadable sample log for noting the days and times the speed feedback sign is in use is provided below.

Radarwatch Log doc format of radarwatchlog.doc