If you are interested in applying for Traffic Records funding in the near future, please submit a letter of intent or email from an authorized signatory with the following information by Thursday, March 14th to Barbara.Rizzuti@state.ma.us:  project name, summary of project, general timeline, list of deliverables, and budget amount. Funding can be used to improve the accessibility, accuracy, completeness, integration, timeliness, and uniformity of one or more of the following six core traffic records systems: Crash Data System, Roadway Inventory File, Vehicle Registration, Driver History, Citation/Adjudication, and Injury Surveillance System. The letter/email wouldn’t be binding and organizations would be eligible to apply for Traffic Records funding once the Availability of Grant Funding  (AGF) is released even if a letter of intent/email isn’t submitted. Although it isn’t required, this would be very helpful as we update the Strategic Plan for Traffic Records Improvements. Once released, the AGF will be posted on the EOPSS website.