Based on crash data between 2007 and 2009, approximately 89% of the crashes have been geocoded to a point and were then able to be linked to the roadway file to obtain pertinent roadway data. However, approximately 9% of those crashes had to be manually geocoded, and many were done using a time consuming process to try and reconcile the roadway names used on the crash report with the roadway names contained in the road inventory file. Improving the data quality of the road inventory file roadway names will help to improve the overall geocoding rate to enhance quality and integration (between roadway and crash) of the data. Once this work has been completed, the outdated, ten-year old roadway name pick lists will be updated to reflect the most up-to-date road name data which will in turn enhance data quality and location information.  Furthermore, the Crash Data System will modify the crash form and the database to include the police incident numbers.  This will help to provide an improved feedback loop with the State and local police departments to further improve data quality.