MassTRAC is a web-based solution for crash records analysis, mapping, and reporting. This tool helps meet federal reporting requirements and supports safety planning processes across the Commonwealth. The software provides quick and easy user access to crash data, tabulations, maps, and counts of crashes, vehicles, drivers, passengers, and non-motorists. Predefined filters and classifications are designed to support the needs of users with various levels of skill and training, and ad hoc reporting functions allow users to produce custom reports of crash statistics for any subset of records. This tool will allow users to more effectively identify problem locations and target their human and financial resources in the areas of greatest need. This program is being rolled out to law enforcement and other traffic safety partners. 

Organizations interested in accessing MassTRAC must sign a memorandum of understanding. Accounts are limited to municipalities, federal and state agencies, and research institutions. Research institutions will be required to reapply for a MassTRAC account each year and provide information about how this data will be used.

To access MassTRAC: