In 2015, Massachusetts State Police reported 860 work zone crashes, an increase of 35% compared to 2014. The Highway Safety Division (HSD), in conjunction with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and State and local police agencies, will be launching an enforcement and education campaign on September 5, 2016 designed to protect the work crews stationed on Massachusetts' roads every day. 

With an eye towards reducing crashes, injuries and fatalities in work zones, HSD has developed the following tips for drivers:

  • Slow Down - especially at the first sign of a work zone. Obey all posted speed limits. Speeding violations are double the original fine when occurring in a work zone.
  • Pay attention and stay off your devices - even if you are hands free. Talking on the phone causes cognitive distraction. There is a lot happening in work zones, and you need to pay attention to the signs.
  • Keep your eyes on the road and look ahead. Traffic conditions can change quickly and unexpectedly in work zones. 
  • If you drink, use a ride sharing, taxi service, or a designated driver.