COMiT is a web-based Service Management Tool designed to be used by all Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS) employees to report IT issues and/or request IT services from the secretariat's Office of Technology and Information Services (OTIS).  On this page are the End-user Guide and video tutorials demonstrating the use of COMiT.  End-users are encouraged to utilize these educational resources.


  1. COMiT Analyst User Guide pdf format of COMiT Analyst User Guide
  2. COMiT Overview
  3. How to Log Into COMiT
  4. How to Create an IT Service Request in COMiT
  5. How to Add an Attachment to your IT Service Request on COMiT
  6. How to Log a Comment on your IT Service Request in COMiT
  7. How to View your IT Service Requests in COMiT
  8. How to Change Your COMiT Password
  9. How to Update Your COMiT User Account