2004 Revisions to Gun Control Act

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Chapter 150 of the Acts of 2004 takes effect immediately and includes the following:

  • Continued ban on certain assault weapons;
  • extending the term of FID cards and LTC from four to six years (applicable to licenses issued on or after September 14, 2004);
  • provision for a grace period of 90 days following the expiration of a license;
  • exemption of the LTC renewal fee for active law enforcement officers;

establishment of a firearm license review board which will review applications from individuals convicted of certain misdemeanor offenses who are a disqualified under current law. See below for more detailed information, or click here pdf format of Petition and Instruction Letter.pdf
(73 KB) to print a petition for review.

About the Firearm Licensing Review Board

The FLRB has the authority to review only misdemeanor convictions. Further, there may be more than one conviction, but all convictions must arise from a single incident. The FLRB may not review convictions for:

  • a felony; or
  • an assault or battery on a family or household member, or person with whom there is/was a substantive dating relationship, as defined by G.L. c. 209A, § 1; or
  • a crime involving use, possession, ownership, transfer, purchase, sale, lease, rental, receipt or transportation of weapons or ammunition for which a term of imprisonment may be imposed; or
  • a crime regulating the use, possession or sale of controlled substances.

In addition, an individual may not apply for review until after the passage of five (5) years since conviction or release from supervision, whichever is last occurring. The FLRB will review criminal histories as part of the petition review process.

People looking for a review have the burden of proof, by clear and convincing evidence, that they are eligible and suitable to possess an FID or LTC. The petitioner will have the opportunity to appear and/or submit documentary evidence. The FLRB will not provide legal advice to petitioners.

If the FLRB determines that the petitioner is a suitable candidate for an LTC relative to the misdemeanor conviction(s), the application process and final decision of whether or not to issue a license remains with the local police chief.

Click here pdf format of Petition and Instruction Letter.pdf
(73 KB) to print a petition application to submit to the FLRB.