Listed below are Planning & Management Training courses that may be of interest. For further information regarding dates and locations, please contact either Judy Sartori at 508-820-2028.

  • Basic Public Information Officer :
    This 2-day course is intended for the new or less experienced PIO. The course explains the basic skills and knowledge needed for emergency management public information activities. Topics include the role of the PIO in emergency management, conducting awareness campaigns, news release writing, public speaking, and television interviews

  • Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools :
    This course is designed to help participants recognize the need to plan for all types of disaster. Participants completing the course will be able to explain the importance of a school safety program to others and to lead individuals in their schools and community through the process of developing an effective multi-hazard program.

    EOC Operations & Management :
    This course provides knowledge and development skills to enable those attending to design, operate, staff, manage and evaluate an Emergency Operations Center. Course topics include designing an EOC, managing and EOC, EOC operations, exercising and evaluating operating procedures. The course is designed for all Federal, State, Local, and volunteer members of EOC staffs.

  • Principles of Emergency Management:
    This course examines the need for an emergency management system and emphasizes the importance of an integrated teamwork approach to managing emergencies. Participants will formulate the elements of an integrated teamwork system, and devise specific actions for improving their own contribution to local emergency management teams.

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