The following rules shall be observed by all persons attending training programs at the Massachusetts State Police Academy:

ALCOHOL - DRUGS: No person shall attend a class or meeting with the odor of alcoholic beverages on their breath. Possession or consumption of drugs or alcoholic beverages at the facility is prohibited, except for controlled drinking demonstrations at the Intoximeter Schools. Violation of this rule will result in immediate dismissal.

ATTENDANCE: Each student shall notify the class supervisor if it is necessary to be absent for any reason from the scheduled classes. Certificates may be withheld for students missing areas of instruction.

ATTIRE: All persons attending programs sponsored by the Massachusetts State Police Academy shall attend classes dressed in the following acceptable attire:

  • A. Male personnel: - official department uniform; or - a suit or sports jacket with dress shirt and tie, or sports shirt and sweater; or - slacks with coordinated open-collared shirt.
  • B. Female personnel: - Official department uniform; or - a dress; or - skirt and blouse or sweater combination; or - slacks and coordinated blouse.
  • C. Blue jeans / dungarees are NOT acceptable attire and shall not be worn unless approved in advance by the instructor due to necessities of the training.

CONDUCT: While attending the facility your conduct both on and off the campus reflects upon the Academy and your agency. Conduct unbecoming an officer will be dealt with accordingly.

DORMITORY ROOMS: Linen shall be issued and signed for upon your arrival. Upon departure, beds shall be stripped by the student and linen turned in. Cleanliness of dormitory rooms shall be the responsibility of each officer. Rooms shall be subject to periodic inspection. Towels are not provided.

FIREARMS: Firearms shall not be worn visibly in the facility or on campus unless the student is wearing a distinguishable police uniform or displaying his/her badge of office. Officers are encouraged to secure weapons in the firearms storage lockers located outside the mess hall. Firearms shall not be stored in the dormitory areas under any conditions.

FOOD AND DRINK: Food or drink shall only be consumed in designated area and shall not be consumed or kept in dormitory rooms.

GAMBLING: Gambling in any form is prohibited.

LOUD NOISES: Officers shall not engage in loud noises in the hallways and shall not use vulgar or unprofessional language or behavior.

PARKING: Officers shall park their automobiles in the front parking area only. Parking in assigned areas is prohibited. All vehicles shall be secured.

SMOKING: The Massachusetts State Police Academy prohibits smoking in all inside areas. Smoking is permitted only in designated outside areas. Cigarette butts shall be properly disposed of.

TELEPHONE CALLS: Coin operated telephones are provided in the front lobby and dormitory areas. All messages received by the Duty Officer shall be posted or delivered by staff personnel depending upon the urgency of the message. The Academy Duty Officer can be reached at (508) 867-1000.

USE OF GYMNASIUM: When no classes are in session, those wishing to use the gym and all equipment may do so at their own risk and in accordance with Academy guidelines. Gym shoes and appropriate clothing shall be worn at all times. No person shall use any Department fitness facility, unless a waiver form has been submitted.

RECRUIT CONTACT: The Academy's primary mandate is recruit training. The recruit academy must take precedence over all other activity at the facility. Recruits undergo weeks of strict paramilitary training. Academy students and guests shall not engage recruits in unnecessary conversation nor subject them to any harassment. Speaking to a recruit may cause problems for the recruit. **ALL personnel are forbidden from the area of the recruit academy living quarters.

INFRACTIONS: Infractions of any of the foregoing rules may result in dismissal from the training program and / or subsequent Academy programs, and an incident report may be sent to the officer's agency. Any unwarranted damage to the facility or equipment or failure to return Academy property shall result in direct billing to the officer, with a copy to the officer's agency.

***PLEASE NOTE The State Police Academy is located in a very rural area in central Massachusetts. We ask that strict adherence to traffic regulations be maintained at all times.