• SSPO In-Service Requirement

    The in-service requirement is 8 hours of training. Officers can also participate in additional training beyond the 8 hours.
  • Upcoming In-Service Training

    List of upcoming in-service training courses is currently being compiled.
  • Courses Offered Upon Request

    Courses are available throughout the year at locations across the state. We seek your cooperation in providing training locations. A list of courses available at this time is provided here. Agencies wishing to host the training program should contact Trooper Dana Lavigne at (508) 867-1121 for scheduling.
  • MSP Online Academy

    The MSP Online Academy is available to Special State Police Officers. Departments needing access mail the list to Online Training Unit, Massachusetts State Police Academy, 340 West Brookfield Rd, New Braintree, MA 01531. The list should contain the officer's last name, first name, and department identification number.
  • Massachusetts Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (MACLEA)

    MACLEA was established to promote the common interest in the administration of law enforcement programs including the operation and development of life safety and property protection programs on campuses of educational institutions, as a non-profit organization. It also wants to promote professional ideals and standards so as to better serve the educational objectives of educational institutions and to legislate in monthly meetings, through bylaws or by resolution upon any subject of general concern to the members. And finally, to schedule, plan and conduct regional meetings of the Association for the discussion of matters of common concern and to enhance professional knowledge and skills of its members.