Courses are available throughout the year at locations across the state to agencies who are able to host the training. As in the past, we seek your cooperation in providing training locations. Below is a list of courses available at this time. Agencies wishing to host the training program should contact Trooper Dana Lavigne at (508) 867-1121 for scheduling. We ask that larger institutions open at least a portion of their training to the smaller departments. Class sizes have a minimum of 25 students unless stated otherwise in the description below.

Alcohol Abuse on Campus, Associated Crimes and Response

(2 hours) - This course reviews the crimes most associated with alcohol or drug abuse and discusses the options ranging from arrest through protective custody and formal complaint to either campus hearing boards or criminal summons.

CPR/AED Instructor Certification

(8 hours) - This course is designed certify officers to teach and re-certify their own departments. Trooper McElhiney, MSP Academy Medical Unit, will instruct this course. A classroom is needed as well as room to conduct the hands on portion of the training. The classroom must be equipped with a TV/VCR. A prerequisite of this course is the CPR/AED course offered through the MSP Online Academy. Students must be currently certified in CPR and bring their card with them. Students must also provide a pocket facemask for use during the class. Class size must be at least 10 and is limited to 24 students.

Detecting a Counterfeit Massachusetts Drivers License

(2 hours) - The objective of this course is to provide the student with the ability to detect a counterfeit Massachusetts driver's license and detect an impostor who is presenting a genuine license. Sergeant Stephen Bedard instructs this course. A PowerPoint projector is needed.

Emergency Vehicle Operations

(2 hours) - The objective of this course is to review non-emergency and emergency driving techniques that can be used to avoid a collision. Pursuit driving and Stop Sticks will not be discussed. MSP personnel from the Emergency Vehicle Operation Center will provide this course. This is a lecture and discussion, not an actual driving program.

Infectious Control for Police Officers

(5 hours) - This course will discuss M.G.L. Chapter 111 Section 111C and 105 CMR 172. Unprotected exposure to infectious substances and the regulations regarding the proper reporting of such exposure will be discussed. Trooper McElhiney, MSP Academy Medical Unit, will instruct this course.

Interview and Interrogation

(4 hours) - This course explores the use of the 'Cognitive Interview Technique', the problem with eyewitness identification, the determination of 'custodial interrogation' for Miranda purposes and the ramifications of the DiGiambattista decision on audio recording. This course is a good primer for those officers intending to take an interrogation technique course such as Reid, Hutchinson, Trident, etc.

Legal Update Seminar

(4 hours) - Topic reviews the previous year's cases as presented in the Academy Online course with a personalized opportunity to examine issues as brought up by the students. Internet access in the classroom is required for the instructor.

Preparing Cases for Internal Agency Hearings or Court Prosecution

(4 hours) - This course is organized as a step by step approach to anticipate a defense attorney's strategy and respond or preempt his/her tactic. The course serves as a good venue to review topics or issues of particular concern. The course stresses the importance of report writing.

Surviving Direct & Cross Examination

(2 hours) - Provides training in the proper techniques to use during courtroom testimony. A mock trial is provided and the participants can act as a jury and determine the outcome of the case. The Massachusetts State Police Academy Legal Training Unit and the Worcester County District Attorneys office will conduct this program.

Weapons of Mass Destruction - Awareness

(4 hours) - This course will familiarize the student with nuclear, biological, and chemical threats. Trooper McElhiney, MSP Academy Medical Unit, will instruct this course. This is a lecture and class size is not limited.