The Hanna Memorial Awards for Bravery is an annual award ceremony named after Trooper George L. Hanna, who lost his life serving the Commonwealth on February 26, 1983.  Trooper Hanna began his career on October 15, 1974 and served nearly ten years with the Massachusetts State Police.

On Saturday, February 26, 1983, Trooper Hanna conducted a motor vehicle stop in the town of Auburn.  Three men and two women were in the vehicle, and when Trooper Hanna removed the occupants for questioning, he was instantaneously shot six times by one of the male suspects.  He died later that evening in a Worcester hospital, leaving behind his wife Marilyn, and three children, Deborah, Kimberly, and Michael.  His three assailants are serving life sentences.

The Hanna Awards, which have been held annually since 1983, have become a symbol of prestige, within both the law enforcement community and the Commonwealth as a whole.  It is an opportunity to publicly recognize the bravery of members of the law enforcement community who put their lives on the line by dedicating themselves to safety throughout Massachusetts.

I respectfully ask that you take the time to forward any nominations you may have for outstanding acts of bravery performed by a member (or members) of your department between January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016, following the guidelines attached. The selection committee will require a detailed narrative of the incident for which your member is being nominated, along with news clippings or any substantiating information you feel will assist the selection committee with its decision.

Your selections should be forwarded by June 19, 2017 to the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, to the attention of:

Anjeza Xhemollari 
Executive Office of Public Safety and Security 
One Ashburton Place – Room 2133 
Boston, MA  02108

I encourage you to select your candidates carefully, keeping in mind the level of high esteem associated with the award. Please note that in an effort to preserve the sanctity of the Hanna Awards, the Selection Committee has decided to recognize only Medal of Honor and Medal of Valor recipients and has adopted more selective criteria for award nominations.

George L. Hanna Memorial Awards for Bravery Criteria pdf format of Hanna_Awards_Criteria.pdf

George L. Hanna Memorial Awards Nomination Form pdf format of Hanna_Nomination_Form.pdf

George L. Hanna Memorial Application Checklist Form pdf format of Hanna Application Checklist

George L. Hanna Memorial Award Request for Nomination pdf format of Hanna Request for Nomination