The Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS) will work with vendors interested in becoming certified hardware and software Non-Standard Equipment vendors for authorized law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. Certified vendors offer CJIS, National Crime Information Center (NCIC), and National Law Enforcement Telecommunications (NLETS) access to authorized criminal justice agencies through mobile data terminals and portable handheld devices.

Each prospective vendor must demonstrate support from a local agency, and provide the DCJIS with a technical scope of how their application will integrate CJIS in a wireless environment. Vendors must work with their supporting department to develop their application and conduct testing. DCJIS will assist in answering questions, ensuring connection to the CJIS network, and conducting testing to evaluate the functionality of the product. The DCJISs Guidelines for Evaluation and Testing of Non-Standard Equipment/Software pdf format of cjis_non_std_guidelines.pdf
gives an outline of the steps and requirements involved in becoming a certified CJIS Non-Standard Equipment Vendor.

All vendors must meet established DCJIS and FBI security guidelines.

For more information on becoming a certified CJIS vendor, please call the CJIS Support Services Unit at (617) 660-4710.