The Analysis of College Campus Rape and Sexual Assault Reports examines the characteristics of 446 cases of sexual violence reported by medical providers in Massachusetts between the years 2000 and 2011. During this same twelve-year period, there were 10,965 cases of rape and/or sexual assault reported by hospital personnel. Of these 10,965 cases, a total of 446, or approximately 4%, were identified for further analysis based upon the location of the victimization on a college campus. The data for this analysis was derived from a database maintained within the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS). Medical providers complete Provider Sexual Crime Report (PSCR) Forms, available at hospital emergency rooms across the state, and then submit them to EOPSS, where the content is logged into a master database.

The results of our analysis reinforce much of the salient research to date, finding that females represented 97% of those sexually victimized on campus and males accounted for over 99% of the perpetrators of these crimes. The data further reveals that 70% of assailants were known to the victim, and upwards of 80% of all rapes and sexual assaults occurred in a dormitory. The report goes on to examine the use of weapons and force, victim injuries, and the degree of reporting to law enforcement, all within the context of the victim-offender relationship. The data presented throughout this report is analyzed within the context of national research and emerging trends. Our findings, like many of the studies cited in the report, highlight the limitations of the available data; most notably, the underreporting of sexual crimes.

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Analysis of College Campus Rape and Sexual Assault Reports (September 2012)  pdf format of Analysis of College Campus Rape Reports 00-11