Comprehensive Approaches to Sex Offender Management

The Executive Office of Public Safety was awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice under the Comprehensive Approaches to Sex Offender Management program. This two-year grant provides support for a planning process to develop effective sex offender management programs and policies. The first year of the grant involves conducting a comprehensive assessment of Massachusetts' current sex offender management policies and practices. Assessment activities will include: developing an offender population profile; creating a flowchart of how sex offenders move through the criminal justice system; conducting a resource assessment; and answering over 1,000 questions on how Massachusetts is managing sex offenders. This assessment covers the areas of: 1) investigation, prosecution, and disposition; 2) assessment and treatment; 3) reentry; 4) supervision; and, 5) registration and community notification. The second year of this grant will involve identifying strengths and gaps in the system and implementing changes at three selected pilot sites.

The project is run by a collaborative team with project partners from over 20 different government agencies and private organizations across the criminal justice, human services, victim advocate, and offender treatment fields. The Research and Policy Analysis Unit is managing the project and is responsible for planning and facilitating project meetings, coordinating assessment activities, and monitoring implementation at the pilot sites.

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