RPAD, in conjunction with the Massachusetts Department of State Police Crime Reporting Unit (CRU) and in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Boston Collins Center, has been working to improve the quality, timeliness and accuracy of National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) reporting by municipal police departments across the Commonwealth.  To that end, the team has begun conducting outreach to regional law enforcement agencies to identify challenges with the current NIBRS reporting system and to encourage increased participation statewide.  EOPSS also committed upwards of $160,000 to upgrade the hardware and software required to support the NIBRS reporting system, and these enhancements, which was rolled out in June 2014, will allow easier access to and analysis of the data submitted by municipalities.  Crime data is submitted by the CRU on an annual basis to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (http://www.fbi.gov/stats-services/crimestats).