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OAT Devens BATS Lab


The Office of Alcohol Testing (OAT) oversees the breath test program for the state of Massachusetts. The OAT establishes and maintains lists of approved breath test devices in accordance with the Massachusetts General Laws ( MGL) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's ( NHTSA ) list of conforming products. The OAT also annually certifies all breath test equipment utilized in Massachusetts, approves and distributes all calibration standards used with breath test devices and establishes the standards for training and certification relative to breath testing.

Office Information & Directions:
The OAT office is open Monday - Friday
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Law Enforcement & District Attorney Forms: (official use only)
OIC Designation Request Form pdf format of oic-designation-form-10-20-2010-barcode.pdf
OAT-F301-v01.0 Retrograde Extrapolation Request Form  pdf format of OAT-F301-v01.0 Retrograde Extrapolation Request Form
melanies_law_RMV.pdf  pdf format of melanies_law_RMV.pdf
9510 Breath Test Record Request 04\09\2014 Barcode Fillable  pdf format of 9510 Breath Test Record Request 04\09\2014 Barcode Fill

BATS Printer Instructions:
Brother HL-1450 Printer Reset Instructions pdf format of OAT_Printer_Reset_and_Toner_Instructions.pdf
pdf format of                             OAT_Printer_Brother_Laser_HL1450_Manaul.pdf                file size 1MB

The OAT maintains lists of Approved Breath Testing Instruments, PBT's & Simulators:
To obtain .pdf copies of the lists "click" on the links below:
Approved Breath Testing Instruments pdf format of approved-bt-4-2010.pdf

Operating Under the Influence (OUI) Resource Links:
Massachusetts State Police Academy
Massachusetts Police Training Committee (MPTC)
Massachusetts District Attorneys Association
Massachusetts General Laws (MGL)
Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV)
Massachusetts Highway Safety Division (HSD)
Melanie's Law pdf format of melanies_law_RMV.pdf
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( ) Training Manuals:
To obtain .pdf copies of the NHTSA field sobriety training manuals locate the training year below and "right click" on the desired manual then "Save Target As..." to download and print:

DWI Detection & Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Manuals (For reference only):


1987 Manual pdf format of OAT_1987_SFST_Manual.pdf
file size 21MB
1992 Manual pdf format of OAT_1992_SFST_Manual.pdf
file size 30MB
1996 Manual pdf format of OAT_1996_SFST_Manual.pdf
file size 61MB
2000 Manual pdf format of OAT_2000_SFST_Manual.pdf
file size 61MB
2002 Manual pdf format of OAT_2002_SFST_Manual.pdf
file size 60MB
2004 Manual pdf format of OAT_2004_SFST_Manual.pdf
file size 38MB
2006 Manual pdf format of OAT_2006_SFST_Manual.pdf
file size 32MB
2013 Manual pdf format of 2013 Manual
file size 3MB

RMV Hearing Move notice

Please be advised that as of September 15, 2014, appeals of suspensions for Breathalyzer refusals will no longer be held at 630 Washington St., Boston, MA. The new location for those hearings is:

RMV/Driver Control Unit
136 Blackstone Street
Boston, MA 02109

Please click here pdf format of RMV Hearing Move Notice
for direction