The JJAC is comprised of 15-33 experts in the area of juvenile justice and child welfare who are appointed by the Governor of Massachusetts . The experts represent various fields such as law enforcement, juvenile courts, private non-profit organizations, juvenile mental health workers, and public agencies concerned with delinquency prevention or treatment. The JJAC aims to have one-fifth of its members be under the age of 24 at the time of their appointment and at least 3 who have been under the jurisdiction of the juvenile justice system at some point in their life. A majority of the members cannot be full-time employees of Federal, State, or local government.

Current Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee Members

Robert P. Gittens, Esq.
JJAC Chair
Executive Director, Cambridge Family and Children’s Services

Cecely Reardon, Esq.
JJAC Vice Chair
General Counsel, Department of Youth Services

Michele Arroyo
Social Worker, Boston Children’s Hospital

Dr. Judith Bevis
Clinical Psychologist

Jonathan Blodgett, Esq.
District Attorney, Essex County

Dr. Mark Booher
Clinical Psychologist (retired)

Ruth Budelmann
Juvenile Justice Director, Essex County District Attorney’s Office

Jeff Butts
Division Director, SMART Team, Justice Resource Institute

Carlon Campbell
Student/Youth Member

Constance Constantine
Education Consultant

Wesley Cotter, Esq.
Chief Operating Officer, The Key Program, Inc.

Glenn Daly
Director, Office of Children, Youth and Families
Executive Office of Health and Human Services

Margie Daniels
Executive Director, Middlesex Partnerships for Youth, Inc.

Edward Dolan
Commissioner, Office of the Commissioner of Probation

Kanchana Fernando, Esq.
Assistant District Attorney, Worcester County District Attorney’s Office

Peter Forbes
Commissioner, Department of Youth Services

Adam Foss, Esq.
Executive Director, Prosecutor Integrity

Reynolds Graves
Senior Public Affairs Associate, Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications Inc.

Elisabeth Jackson
Executive Director, Bridge Over Troubled Waters

George Johnson
Student/Youth Member

Keith Lane
Student/Youth Member

Dr. Kimberly Larson
Director of Doctor of Law and Policy Program, Northeastern University

Austin Lessin
Student/Youth Member

Amanda Moran, Esq.
Staff Attorney, Youth Advocacy Division, Committee for Public Counsel Services

Geatano Mortillaro
Student/Youth Member

Bridgete Mussafer
Student/Youth Member

Janelle Ridley
Program Manager, Boston Public Schools

Ken Smith
Executive Director, YouthBuild Boston

Alisa Yang
Student/Youth Member