In an effort to address the sometimes daunting complexities within the juvenile justice issues that confront all states, the United States Congress enacted the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 2002. The primary purpose of the JJDP Act is to offer states guidance and funding in addressing juvenile justice issues such as delinquency prevention, alternatives to detention, holding youth accountable for their actions, reducing Disproportionate Minority Contact, ensuring that detained juveniles are held separately from adults, and more. The JJDP Act authorizes the formation of State Advisory Groups (SAGs) for each state. The SAG in Massachusetts is the Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee (JJAC). The JJAC is charged with the responsibility to help coordinate juvenile justice and delinquency prevention efforts in the Commonwealth. The JJAC, along with other experts, give the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety input in developing a statewide plan for identifying and offering guidance on matters relating to delinquency prevention and overall child well-being. With Federal grant money and guided by issues raised in the statewide plan, the JJAC funds programs, projects, and activities that implement the JJDP Act's goals. In addition, the JJAC provides policy recommendations to the Governor and state legislators on juvenile justice matters. Other tasks include: maintaining an awareness of State and Federal laws pertaining to juvenile justice, understanding the flow of the juvenile justice system, and familiarization with juvenile facilities and programs.

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