Within the JJAC, there are five subcommittees:

Executive Subcommittee
Robert Gittens, Chair
Wes Cotter
Barbara Kaban
Cecely Reardon

Compliance Subcommittee
Wesley Cotter, Chair
Edward Dolan
Peter Forbes
Corey Lanier
Cecely Reardon

Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) Subcommittee

Mark Booher, Ph.D., Chair
Lashon Amado
Glenn Daly
Wendy Kaplan
Kimberly Larson
Cecely Reardon
William Rodriguez
Soledad Valenciano

Grant Review Subcommittee:
The JJAC enlist the support of members in addition to non-members to participate on this committee who do not have a pre-existing conflict of interest. The Subcommittee meets only when grants need to be reviewed.