FAIP Home Page Training Materials

In an effort to foster dialogue and promote better understanding between police and the community, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security has developed the Fair and Impartial Policing (FAIP) program. FAIP is a web-based initiative that has been developed to help give Massachusetts law enforcement professionals and members of the community new insight into the issues related to what is commonly referred to as ""racial profiling"".

The FAIP training materials were developed, using a federal grant, to highlight how both the police and community can work together to better understand and overcome cultural influences and unconscious biases. The result of these efforts will be to promote an atmosphere of increased trust and an improvement of the effectiveness in policing.

The FAIP program is made up of five training modules. Topics covered in the modules include cultural influences, unconscious biases and even innate biological factors that influence how individuals react during a range of community and police interactions. These influences, including their effects and repercussions, are examined by experts from both the police and community perspectives.

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security has made the FAIP program available to law enforcement professionals and community members throughout the Commonwealth.