When responding to reports of missing children be it runaways, parental kidnappings or other circumstances, law enforcement are confronted with numerous challenges. These challenges can include the systemic, jurisdictional, and resource challenges. The Massachusetts Missing Children Clearinghouse (MMCC) strives to provide law enforcement with effective tools, expertise, and resources to better respond to missing and exploited children.

What the MMCC can do to assist:

  • Post information regarding missing children for state and national viewing
  • Facilitate information sharing between local, state, and international jurisdictions
  • Collaborate with other state agencies who are involved with youth at risk
  • Provide investigative and/or awareness training for law enforcement, community groups and schools regarding youths at risk and how to begin recovery efforts
  • Collect and analyze data regarding missing children in Massachusetts
  • Provide technical investigative support to law enforcement

LOCATER program:

LOCATER, Lost Child Alert Technology Resource, is a cutting-edge web based program that enables law enforcement agencies to rapidly distribute critical images and information about missing-child cases.

The LOCATER program is provided to law enforcement agencies free of charge. This includes a security certificate to access a protected web site and help desk technical support. The LOCATER software can be utilized by local departments to create their own missing child posters and help facilitate a more rapid posting to the MMCC and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) websites. This will result in a more rapid distribution of the information about the child at risk to the public, social service agencies, and other law enforcement agencies.

Intake report form:

The Intake report form will assist in documenting important information and streamline the process of reporting missing children by social services agencies or parent/guardian to law enforcement.

Any local police department has the express authorization of the MMCC to adopt and/or alter the form for their own departments use with the exception of the release of information section. To obtain the form in a word, please contact the MMCC or see the side links on our website for a copy.