The MPTC is utilizing funding earmarked for chiefs of police and command staff to host training that is focused on leadership, emerging issues in policing, trends, and best practices from the national level.  Rather than steering the money to specific groups or using it for the regional executive series training sessions, the goal is to utilize these funds to host training that heretofore individual agencies and the MPTC could not afford to host. 

Training programs are offered regionally, while others may only be offered a single time in a larger venue.  This schedule will be updated periodically however, if you have suggestions for topics, presenters, or programs to include, please feel free to contact Kevin Donnelly @ 781-437-0351. 


Program Cost:  FREE

Start/End Time:  All programs run 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Registration:  To apply please FAX the Chiefs and Command Staff Professional Development Application pdf format of Chiefs & Command Staff Professional Development to the coordinator
of these programs, Kevin Donnelly @ 781-963-0235.  Contact:  Kevin Donnelly @ 781-437-0351