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The MPTC Instructor Certification Process

The instructor certification process is a dual-focused system by which MPTC verifies an instructor’s proficiency in both the subject matter and as an instructional trainer.  To become certified, an Instructor Certification Application must be submitted and approved by MPTC. (See the Instructor Certification Requirements link below for more details and a link to the application.)  This application requests basic contact and employment information. It asks for the instructor candidate’s specific training and experiences in the topic area and requires inclusion of all previous teaching experiences and training received with respect to adult learning, curriculum delivery and instructor development.  Competency in both the subject matter and teaching proficiency must be proven before an instructor can receive certification. 

For example, a person may be qualified to teach a topic because of their past training and experiences; however, this same person may have no training related to instructional techniques and adult learning principles.  As such, the person is qualified in the topic, but not qualified as an instructional trainer.  Conversely, a person may have a solid background in teaching concepts and theories, but no expertise in the topic area.  In both circumstances, this person would not qualify to teach for MPTC.

Instructor Certification Requirements

If the instructor candidate does not meet instructor certification requirements, that individual and their sponsoring agency, will be notified of the denial and basis for it.  Once certification requirements are met, both the instructor and sponsoring agency will be notified of the MPTC approval.  All certified instructors will receive a certificate attesting to their authorization to teach a specific topic.

Instructor certification must be renewed every three calendar years, with a separate, updated Instructor Certification Application submitted for each topic area to be taught.

Levels of Instruction

In the interest of providing a competency-based instructor cadre, the MPTC has developed a tiered structure within its Instructor Certification Process.  The purpose of these levels is to provide a mechanism to assist in the evaluation and mentoring of newly-certified instructors.  Here is a general description of the four levels of instructor certification:

  • Level I Instructors are certified by the MPTC within a topic area.  Teaching credentials are not evaluated at Level I.    Instructors are sponsored by their agency to teach locally (within the agency) and regionally. Level I Instructors will NOT be teaching directly for the MPTC.  The responsibility of the MPTC at this level is to verify the instructor’s qualifications for a particular topic.
  • Level II Instructors are entry-level instructors for the MPTC.   Instructors must show they are proficient in the specific topic and demonstrate competency as an educator.  For example, in addition to evaluating an instructor candidate’s topic-related training and experiences, the MPTC will also evaluate any previous teaching experiences and/or completion of general instructor development courses.   A Level II Instructor can assist with and co-teach classes in the approved topic area but cannot serve as a MPTC Lead Instructor.  Level II instructors can serve in a Level I capacity.
  • Level III Instructors are certified to be MPTC Lead Instructors which authorizes them to teach solo and to coordinate and plan classes.  In order to advance from Level II to Level III, the instructor must meet progressive transition requirements.  (See below for a link to those requirements.) A Level III Instructor can serve in Level I and Level II capacities.
  • Level IV Instructors serve administrative roles and act as evaluating agents for MPTC. They coordinate and monitor MPTC programs and serve as mentors for Level I, II, and III Instructors.   The number of Level IV instructors is limited.  The criteria required for Level IV Instructor Certification varies by specialized topic area.  Due to the unique requirements at this level, many instructional topic areas do not have Level IV Instructors.

Several specialized topic areas such as firearms, sexual assault investigations, defensive tactics, patrol procedures, first responder, health and wellness, and others have additional requirements for each level of certification. To check your eligibility, each topic listed on the left-hand side of this page outlines each level and the qualifications required to obtain instructor certification.  

This certification process is open to any law enforcement agency within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts desiring to certify instructors for its uses. 


Do Not Send Résumés. A separate Instructor Certification Application is required for each topic area to be taught.

Download the Instructor Certification Application pdf format of MPTC Instructor Certification Application
.  Instructor candidates MUST forward the Instructor Certification Application to their agency head for approval.  The agency head approves the application then submits it to the MPTC. Incomplete or improperly submitted applications will not be accepted.


For questions regarding Instructor Certification and the Instructor Certification process, contact Rose Sauvageau at (781) 437-0315 or by e-mail at Rose.Sauvageau@MassMail.state.ma.us.

Instructor Contracts

Separate from the instructor certification process is the process by which the MPTC pays some instructors to provide training.  This requires the instructor to enter into a contract with the Commonwealth to provide instructional services.  Contracts are only provided to instructors who have applied and have been certified by the MPTC to instruct in a specific topic area and who have indicated they are interested in teaching for the MPTC.  These instructors must complete and then have the contract signed by an MPTC academy director or an MPTC administrator prior to submission for approval.  Only a contract with an original (“wet” inked) signature can be accepted, and only upon acceptance and approval of the contract by the MPTC headquarters can an instructor commence instructional services and receive compensation for the services rendered.  Download the Instructor Contract pdf format of MPTC Instructor Contract & Policy and Procedures
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