Separate from the instructor certification process is the process by which the MPTC pays some instructors to provide training.  This requires the instructor to enter into a contract with the Commonwealth to provide instructional services.  Contracts are only provided to instructors who have applied and have been certified by the MPTC to instruct in a specific topic area and who have indicated they are interested in teaching for the MPTC.  These instructors must complete and then have the contract signed by an MPTC academy director or an MPTC administrator prior to submission for approval.  Only a contract with an original (“wet” inked) signature can be accepted, and only upon acceptance and approval of the contract by the MPTC headquarters can an instructor commence instructional services and receive compensation for the services rendered.

MPTC Instructor Contract & Policy and Procedures  pdf format of MPTC Instructor Contract & Policy and Procedures
file size 10MB

Click this link to download the Instructor Contract.  Prior to submitting a contract the applicant must be pre-approved to teach and hold a certificate from the MPTC's Instructor Certification Manager.