The instructor certification process is a dual-focused system by which MPTC verifies an instructor’s proficiency in both the subject matter and as an instructional trainer.  To become certified, an Instructor Certification Application must be submitted and approved by MPTC. (See the Instructor Certification Requirements link below for more details and a link to the application.)  This application requests basic contact and employment information. It asks for the instructor candidate’s specific training and experiences in the topic area and requires inclusion of all previous teaching experiences and training received with respect to adult learning, curriculum delivery and instructor development.  Competency in both the subject matter and teaching proficiency must be proven before an instructor can receive certification. 

For example, a person may be qualified to teach a topic because of their past training and experiences; however, this same person may have no training related to instructional techniques and adult learning principles.  As such, the person is qualified in the topic, but not qualified as an instructional trainer.  Conversely, a person may have a solid background in teaching concepts and theories, but no expertise in the topic area.  In both circumstances, this person would not qualify to teach for MPTC.