The Municipal Police Training Committee is the name of the oversight body as well as the agency itself. The responsibility of the oversight board is to provide policy guidance to the Agency, to establish training standards, and to authorize exemptions. The oversight board membership is comprised of chiefs of police representing Western, Central, Northeastern and Southeastern Massachusetts. Other voting members represent the MBTA, the police officers themselves, the Boston Police Commissioner, the State Police Colonel, the Attorney General, and a designee of the Secretary of the EOPSS. All such appointments are for terms of 3 years.

The following persons are advisory, non-voting members of the committee: the personnel administrator, the commissioner of the department of correction, the commissioner of youth services, the commissioner of probation, the chairman of the parole board, the executive director of the committee on criminal justice, the chief administrative justice for the trial court, the chief justice of the district court department, the commissioner of education, the chairman of the criminal law committee of the Massachusetts Bar Association, and the special agent in charge of the Boston office of the FBI or their respective designees.

The Governor appoints five additional advisory, non-voting members of the committee as follows: an administrator of a city or town, a clerk of the superior court, a member of the committee for public counsel services, a sheriff of a county or a former county, a district attorney, or their respective designees.

The Committee meets monthly, while sub-committees can meet independently to consider specific issues. With the combined efforts from these areas of expertise, the MPTC and its advisory members are constantly working to set standards and deliver training to improve the skills and performance of those professionals who are charged with the immense responsibility of public safety.

Historical Committee Meeting Minutes

Provided here are the minutes of past meetings held with combined efforts of the MPTC and its advisory members.