Municipal Police Training Committee H.Q.

Address:  6 Adams Street, Randolph, MA 02368 
Main Number:  781-437-0308 / FAX:  781-963-0235 

Dan Zivkovich, Executive Director 
Voice: 781.437.0301 / E-mail:



Human Resources

Denise Sarro, Human Resources, Municipal Police Training Committee
Voice:  781.437.0303 or 617-595-7614/ E-mail:

Training and Delivery

Director of Training and Delivery
Marylou Powers, Director of Training and Delivery
Exemptions & Police Academy Staff
Voice: 781.437.0302 / E-mail:

Recruit Officer Training
Patrick Caggiano, Recruit Officer Training Coordinator
Voice: 781.437.0306 / E-mail: Patrick.Caggiano@MassMail.State.MA.US

Programs and Standards

Director of Programs and Standards
Vacant, Director of Programs and Standards

Records and Grants
Melixza Esenyie, Records and Grants Manager
Voice:  781.437.0307 / E-mail: Melixza.Esenyie@MassMail.State.MA.US

Transcripts, Training Manuals and other Public Records Requests
Mary Bragg, Records Analyst
Voice: 781.437.0308 / E-mail: mary.bragg@MassMail.State.MA.US

Legal Issues
Sheila Gallagher, Esquire, Legal Issues Coordinator
Voice: 781.437.0314 / E-mail:

Instructor Certification 
Rose Sauvageau, Instructor Certification Manager
Voice: 781.437.0315 / E-mail:

Curricula Development
Dori-Ann Ference, Curricula Development Coordinator
Voice: 781.437.0362 / E-mail:

Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking
Maura Landry, Program Coordinator
Voice: 781.437.0313 / E-mail:

Distance Learning Unit
Vacant, Distance Learning Program Coordinator

Purchasing and Payroll

Andrea Kenney, Budget Director
Voice: 781.437.0304 / E-mail:

Kris Gottlander-Gentile, Purchasing Agent / Instructor Payroll
Voice: 781.437.0305 / E-mail:

LAN and Desktop Support

Office of Technology and Information Services, EOPSS
Tom Lee, IT Manager
Voice: 781.437.0310 / E-mail:

MPTC Website 

Lynda Kearns, Webmaster 
Voice:  781.437.0309 / E-mail: