Each of the five regional academies and other sites throughout the Commonwealth deliver training programs ranging from an intense, 900+ hour Basic Training 
program for new municipal, University of Massachusetts, and Environmental Police officers to annual professional development training for veteran officers. 
Training also includes a variety of focused, specialized professional development training programs for veteran and reserve officers.

Boylston Police Academy

221 Main Street, Boylston, MA  01505 / Fax:   508.869.3187 
ACADEMY STAFF                                                                       TELEPHONE E-MAIL ADDRESS 
Academy Director (Vacant)                                                        781-437-0322        
Laura Nichols, Program Coordinator, Veteran Officer & Specialized Training 781-437-0352   Laura.Nichols2@MassMail.state.ma.us 


Plymouth Police Academy

 24 Long Pond Road, Plymouth, MA 02360 / Fax:  508.830.6319
ACADEMY STAFF                                                                       TELEPHONE E-MAIL ADDRESS 
Eileen Goodick, Academy Director781-437-0331 Eileen.Goodick@MassMail.State.ma.us 
Alison Taylor, Program Coordinator, Cape & Islands Veteran Officer & Specialized Training781-437-0332Alison.Taylor@MassMail.state.ma.us 
Joanne Heres, Program Coordinator, Veteran Officer Training                                          781-437-0333Joanne.Heres@MassMail.state.ma.us 


Randolph Police Academy

6 Adams Street, Randolph, MA 02368 / Fax: 781 963-0235 
PARKING:  The training entrance and parking is located behind the building.   
ACADEMY STAFF                                                                       TELEPHONE E-MAIL ADDRESS 
Lara Thomas, Academy Director                                               781-437-0321 Lara.Thomas@MassMail.state.ma.us 
Kevin Donnelly, Program Coordinator, Command Staff and Veteran Officer Training     781-437-0351Kevin.M.Donnelly@MassMail.state.ma.us 
Lisa Ann Reich, Program Coordinator, Veteran Officer & Specialized Training           781-437-0326LisaAnn.Reich@MassMail.state.ma.us 
Classroom Availability:  The Randolph Academy classrooms can be made available to host in-state and out-of-state police training or for other training purposes by police and other government agencies when not in use by the MPTC. One classroom accommodates up to 50; one can accommodate 32; and a conference room can accommodate 24.  Please contact Kevin Donnelly @ (781) 437-0351 for classroom availability.

Reading Police Academy

25 Haverhill Street, P.O. Box 522 Reading, MA 01867 / Fax:781 942-0968  
ACADEMY STAFF                                                                       TELEPHONE E-MAIL ADDRESS 
Daniel May, Academy Director                                                                    781-437-0341Daniel.May@MassMail.State.MA.US 
Larry Norman, Program Coordinator, Veteran Officer & Specialized Training         781-437-0343Lawrence.Norman@MassMail.state.ma.us 


Western Mass Police Academy

1 Armory Square, Building #11, Springfield, MA  01102 / Fax:  413 755-6331 
[Co-located with Springfield Technical Community College] 
ACADEMY STAFF                                                                       TELEPHONE E-MAIL ADDRESS 
Joseph Witkowski, Academy Director 781-437-0361Joseph.Witkowski@massmail.state.ma.us   
Todd Mongeon, Program Coordinator, Veteran Officer & Specialized Training781-437-0364Todd.Mongeon@MassMail.State.MA.US 

Facilities Availability:  The Western Mass Academy classrooms can be made available to host training by police and other government agencies when not in use by the MPTC.  Two classrooms accommodate up to 40 students; and one can accommodate 24 students.  The MILO Use of Force simulator is available for training by agencies with certified MILO instructors.  Please contact Todd Mongeon @ (781) 437-0364 for facility availability.