Each of the five regional academies and other sites throughout the Commonwealth deliver training programs ranging from an intense, 800-hour/20-week Basic Training program for new municipal, University of Massachusetts, and Environmental Police officers to annual professional development training for veteran officers. Training also includes a variety of focused, specialized professional development training programs for veteran and reserve officers.


Boylston Police Academy  
221 Main Street, Boylston, MA  01505 / Fax:   508.869.3187

Lisa Ann Reich, Academy Director
Voice: 781.437.0322 / E-mail: LisaAnn.Reich@MassMail.state.ma.us

Lisa Lane, Program Coordinator
Voice:  781.437.0352 / E-mail:  Lisa.Lane@MassMail.State.MA.US

Captain Paul Bozicas, Basic Reserve Program Coordinator
Voice: 781.437.0355 / E-mail: pbozicas@gmail.com


Plymouth Police Academy 
24 Long Pond Road, Plymouth, MA 02360 / Fax:  508.830.6319

John DeGutis, Academy Director
Voice: 781.437.0331 / E-mail: John.DeGutis@MassMail.state.ma.us

Alison Taylor, Cape & Islands Veteran Officer Program Coordinator
Voice: 781.437.0332 / E-mail: Alison.Taylor@MassMail.state.ma.us

Joanne Heres, Veteran Officer Program Coordinator
Voice: 781.437.0333 / E-mail: Joanne.Heres@MassMail.state.ma.us

Eileen Goodick, Basic & Reserve In-service Program Coordinator
Voice: 781.437.0334 / E-mail: Eileen.Goodick@MassMail.state.ma.us


Randolph Police Academy (Link to Directions)
6 Adams Street, Randolph, MA 02368 / Fax: 781 963-0235
Co-located with MPTC H.Q. at 6 Adams Street, Randolph, MA 02368

The Randolph Police Academy offers specialized professional development training's.
This facility has four classrooms, a small gymnasium, and a dedicated Range 3000 room
for scenario based use-of-force simulator training.  

Parking for training is available behind the building.
The training entrance and parking is located behind the building.

Academy Staff:

Kevin Donnelly, Veteran Officer Program Coordinator
PH: (781) 437-0351 | FAX: (781) 963-0235 | E-mail: Kevin.M.Donnelly@MassMail.State.Ma.us

Classroom Availability:  The academy classrooms can be made available to host in state and out-of-state
law enforcement training's or for other training purposes when not in use by the MPTC. One classroom
accommodates up to 50; two can accommodate 32; and a conference room can accommodate 24.
Please contact Kevin Donnelly via E-mail or @ (781) 437-0351 for classroom availability.


Reading Police Academy 
25 Haverhill Street, P.O. Box 522 Reading, MA 01867 / Fax:   781 942-0968

Daniel May, Academy Director
Voice: 781.437.0341 / E-mail:  Daniel.May@MassMail.State.MA.US

Larry Norman, Veteran Officer Program Coordinator
Voice: 781.437.0343 / E-mail: Larry.Norman@MassMail.state.ma.us


Western Mass Police Academy 
o-located with Springfield Technical Community College, 1 Armory Square, Building #11, Springfield, MA  01102 
Fax:  413 755-6331

Curtis McKenzie, Academy Director
Voice: 781.437.0361 / E-mail:  Curt.McKenzie@MassMail.state.ma.us 

Todd Mongeon, Veteran Officer Program Coordinator
Voice:  781.437.0364 / E-mail:  Todd.Mongeon@MassMail.State.MA.US

Staff Instructor Office 781.437.0363

WMCOPA Reserve Program Coordinator