• Statewide Coordinator Neal Hovey

    Neal Hovey is the statewide coordinator and liaison for the Municipal Police Training Committee for the administration of CPR/First Responder programs which include training for Recruit and refreshing CPR/FR Instructors for Recruit, Professional Development and municipal police department’s program development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. 

    Contact Information: 

    Neal Hovey:  New Fax Number:  978-774-0004 | Cell 978.815.2153 | E-mail: nhovey13@aol.com
    New Mailing Address:  MPTC CPR/First Responder Program, Neal Hovey, 5 Worthington Avenue, Danvers, MA 01923

    Dan Zivkovich, Executive Director / Office: 781.437.0301 / E-mail: Daniel.Zivkovich@MassMail.state.ma.us

  • Annual CPR - First Responder Recognition Awards

    The Statewide Advisory Committee for CPR/First Responders within the MPTC recognizes First Responders at their annual conferences.   This awards program recognizes an officer(s) who while on duty or off went above and beyond their law enforcement duties in rendering care to a citizen or another member of their agency in need of medical attention. This recognition exemplifies officers who have been able to demonstrate that their CPR/First Responder training was beneficial in saving a life.  Each recipient receives a certificate plaque and a commendation bar to be worn on their uniform acknowledging their accomplishments.  Visit the link above to learn about the previously recognized recipients!