• Statewide Coordinator Neal Hovey

    Neal Hovey is the statewide coordinator and liaison for the Municipal Police Training Committee for the administration of CPR/First Responder programs which include training for Recruit and refreshing CPR/FR Instructors for Recruit, Professional Development and municipal police department’s program development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. 

    Contact Information: 

    Neal Hovey:  New Fax Number:  978-774-0004 | Cell 978.815.2153 | E-mail: nhovey13@aol.com
    New Mailing Address:  MPTC CPR/First Responder Program, Neal Hovey, 5 Worthington Avenue, Danvers, MA 01923

    Dan Zivkovich, Executive Director / Office: 781.437.0301 / E-mail: Daniel.Zivkovich@MassMail.state.ma.us