This course is a five (5) day Instructor program required for those interested in teaching CPR/AED/First Responder 
within your department or for all MPTC programs (Recruit, Reserve, In-Service & Specialized Training).

The instructor course curriculum is designed to teach the instructor candidates how to teach, manage
and conduct a CPR/First Responder class.

The minimum requirements to enter into the program are as follows:

1) Complete the MPTC application and forward to MPTC Boylston Academy;
2) Posses a current certificate in Basic Life Support (CPR) at the Healthcare Provider level;
3) Posses a current First Responder Certificate from the MPTC; and
4) Successful completion of the Pre-skills Assessment.

The Pre-skills Assessment is a newly adopted approach which replaces the minimum requirement of
being an EMT. This pre-assessment also demonstrates that the candidate is proficient in all areas
of CPR and First Aid prior to becoming an instructor. Candidates will be required to attend the
four (4) hour pre-skills assessment.

The Pre-skills Assessment is a three part assessment 1) CPR written exam, in which the instructor
candidate needs to score a 90% or better, a First Responder 100 question written exam, in which the
instructor candidate needs to score a 85% or better, and successful completion of the practical exam with
a score of 80% or higher in all areas. The practical exam format will be provided to all candidates
prior to the exam.

No one will be allowed into the instructor program without successfully completing all minimum
entrance requirements.