William Leanos, Statewide Program Coordinator

William (Bill) Leanos is the statewide coordinator and liaison for the Municipal Police Training Committee's Firearms Training.  Bill is responsible for oversight of the Firearms programs for recruit officer courses in MPTC and MPTC authorized police academies, instructor certification and development, and is tasked with evaluating training programs and standards and making recommendations for changes.

Bill's contact information: Cell: 978.375.6958 | E:mail: wleanosfac@yahoo.com / Mailing Address: 519 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930 

Dan Zivkovich, Executive Director / Office: 781.437.0301 / E-mail: Daniel.Zivkovich@MassMail.state.ma.us


PURPOSE: The purpose of this course of fire is to evaluate the officer’s ability to operate a concealed carry or back up handgun and to serve as a qualification course of fire.

MPTC Shotgun Qualification 25 RDS W/time limits  pdf format of MPTC Shotgun Qualification 25 RDS W/time limits

Fundamentals: This course of fire incorporates the fundamentals of shotgun operation and marksmanship including loading, putting the shotgun into operation, firing from different positions, tactical reloading (topping off/put back what you shoot), downloading and unloading. Additionally, officers will use good tactical fundamentals such as verbal commands, scanning, use of cover and movement.

Level I MPTC Firearms Instructor 

Level I Instructors provide training within their respective departments or to other departments but do not instruct for the MPTC.  Visit the link above to learn more.

Level II MPTC Firearms Instructor

Level II MPTC Firearms Instructors are authorized to teach any firearms Level I program and Basic Reserve Intermittent Firearms Program. Level II Instructors may assist at a Recruit Academy Firearms Programs or at a Firearms Re-certification Training with Level III Instructors.  Level II firearms instructors may be certified to teach for the MPTC at academies and other MPTC Instructor programs or they may choose to remain authorized to teach at the department level only.  Visit the link above to learn more.

Level III MPTC Firearms Instructor

Level III Instructors are Lead Instructors at MPTC Academies, responsible for dissemination of MPTC curricula at recruit, reserve, and in-service levels. Responsible for mentoring and evaluating Level I and Level II instructors.  Visit the link above to learn more.

MPTC Instructor Training Application  pdf format of MPTC Instructor Training Application

An application to apply for an MPTC train-the-trainer, instructor certification or re-certification training required for MPTC instructors.

Minimum Standards for Handgun Requalification and Continual Training  pdf format of Minimum Standards for Handgun Requalification and Co...

Visit this link to learn more about the minimum standards required of all sworn municipal, University of Massachusetts, and environmental police officers in the Commonwealth, whether full-time, reserve, or intermittent.