• Statewide Coordinator Jim Witzgall

    Jim Witzgall is the statewide coordinator and liaison for the Municipal Police Training Committee for the administration of interactive Use of Force Simulator Program which includes training and refreshing Instructors for Recruit, In-service and state and local police departments’ program development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

    Contact Information:

    Jim Witzgall – Mailing address: MPTC Statewide MILO Coordinator, 455 Arn-How Farm Road, Fitchburg MA  01420

    Cell: 978.660.1336 | Fax: 781.963.0235 | E-mail: James.Witzgall@MassMail.State.MA.US

    Dan Zivkovich, Executive Director / Office: 781.437.0301 / E-mail: Daniel.Zivkovich@MassMail.state.ma.us

MPTC MILO Instructor Levels & Requirements

Visit this link to learn more about the requirements to become certified as a MPTC MILO [FORCE CONTROL TRAINING SIMULATOR] Instructor.