Statewide Coordinator Robert Stering

Rob Stering is the Statewide Coordinator and liaison for the Municipal Police Training Committee for the administration of Patrol Procedures.  Patrol Procedures covers several modules: Applied Patrol Procedures, Motor Vehicle Stops, Less-Lethal Applied Simulation Training (LLAST), Active Shooter and Patrol Response, which include training and certifying and re-certifying Patrol Procedure Instructors for Recruit, In-service, Reserve Intermittent Academies. Also, the program oversees state and municipal police department’s program development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Contact Information:

Rob Stering Cell: 781.363.3524 | Fax: 781.326.3514 |E-Mail: | Mailing Address: 19 Carlisle Road, Dedham, MA 02026

Dan Zivkovich, Executive Director | Voice 781.437.0301 | E:Mail: daniel.zivkovich@MassMail.State.MA.US

Instructor Class Registration Requirements

An M.P.T.C. Instructor Development Class is required before attendance to any MPTC Instructor class.   A Patrol Procedures class application will be sent to all those wishing to attend.  This is a separate application. 

Step 1:  Instructor Development Application pdf format of MPTC Instructor Training Application
for attendance for Patrol Procedures Instructor Class.  Submit Application with signature and approval of Chief Executive Officer.

Step 2:  Application received and reviewed by State Coordinator and PPAC Members

    1. If criteria is met, applicant will receive a notification of class scheduled.
    2. If the criteria are not met, applicant will receive a notification, and reasons for non-acceptance.

Patrol Procedures Certified Instructor Levels

Patrol Procedure Instructor levels and requirements. [Revised September 2017]

Patrol Procedures Additional Instructor Advancement and Level maintenance

Learn about the requirements of Patrol Procedure Instructors necessary to maintain their current instructor level or to advance to a higher level instructor. 

[Revised April 3, 2014]