Applied Patrol Procedures is the final review in the practical application of all the knowledge, skills, and abilities and values learned in the classroom. It is an opportunity to try and make mistakes. There is great learning potential in failing and trying again. The academy values the willingness to try for continuous improvement. In reality, police officers will make mistakes on the job. There is no pretense of infallibility. Mistakes can be acknowledged honestly and corrected.  This module is conducted in real time, and in real life situations.

Applied Patrol Procedures is an opportunity for student officers to test the balance between the authority to use reasonable force and the necessity to exercise sound judgment and prudent restraint. Confidence, assertiveness, and compassion are key character traits of a community-minded officer. The notion that community policing means “officer friendly” is wrong. Often the most assertive officer is the most community-minded officer. However, “most assertive” does not mean most physical; it means the ability to solve problems, deescalate violence, engage citizens in conversation and proactively build community trust.