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Training Year 2017


IPTM Traffic Courses  pdf format of IPTM Traffic Courses

Field Force Extrication Tactics (FFE)  pdf format of Field Force Extrication Tactics (FFE)

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) works closely with the CDP to better prepare our emergency responders, and is pleased to announce the following training opportunity: Field Force Extrication Tactics.

Purpose: Field Force Extrication Tactics (FFE) is a 3-day course which provides emergency responders with knowledge and skills regarding the tools and information necessary to extricate an individual safely from a protester device. After the initial informational part of the course, the remainder of the course will engage the responder in practical exercises designed to demonstrate safe work practices for removing individuals from a variety of protester devices.  

How to apply:   Please see attachment for registration instructions.


Sponsored by Sudbury Police Department  pdf format of Sponsored by Sudbury Police Department

Using Microsoft Excel for Traffic Crash Reconstruction
3-Day Class, May 3,4,5, 2017 at the Sudbury Police Department