The mission of the Municipal Police Training Committee is to set and enforce training standards, to identify and meet the training needs of the municipal, University of Massachusetts, and environmental police officers of the Commonwealth, to facilitate the delivery of up-to-date, state-of-the-art training, and to document training. At the same time, the MPTC must be responsive to the needs of municipal and University of Massachusetts departments, the Massachusetts Environmental Police, and the communities they serve. 

The future success of the MPTC is dependent on a shared vision; one that is not only shared by the MPTC staff, but also by all of the stakeholders, including the citizens of our Commonwealth. Our vision includes five long-term goals:

  1. Continuous pursuit of personal and professional excellence
  2. The delivery of training through regional and online delivery systems
  3. The advancement of the community-oriented, values-driven model of policing
  4. Fiscal responsibility
  5. The acquisition and deployment of training technology

1. The MPTC views excellence as the ultimate goal for its customer service, its programs, and its employees. This requires a commitment to ongoing and continuous improvement.

2. The MPTC is committed to providing training regionally and by utilizing online training, where appropriate. This reduces the need for travel, which in turn, saves taxpayers money and allows officers to spend more time in their communities and with their families.

3. The MPTC recognizes integrity as the cornerstone for effective policing and acknowledges the role of an officer as a public servant. As a result, MPTC training has community service and value-driven performance as the foundation for all of its training.

4. The MPTC understands its role as a steward of publicly-funded resources. As a result, the MPTC is dedicated to meeting its mission while being careful with the tax dollars with which it is entrusted.

5. Where possible, the MPTC will utilize state-of-the-art technology for delivering state-of-the-art training.