Address:  1204 Purchase Street, New Bedford, MA 02740


In the interest of making more effective and efficient use of our limited personnel numbers and to aid in our goal of being more POST-like, we have transferred Rose Sauvageau from New Bedford to our headquarters in Randolph.  She now oversees our instructor certification and re-certification process.  However, this does not mean the MPTC is abandoning its regional training concept.  We are still committed to providing training in the New Bedford and other regions of the Commonwealth, but instead of providing it at an MPTC facility; we will utilize training rooms at local departments or colleges.  If any agency would like us to consider their training facility as a host site for regional training, please contact Marylou Powers to let her know your willingness to host training.

The New Bedford Police Department has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the City of New Bedford for utilizing the site for their own training, and they have said they welcome other agencies to utilize it as well.  The Range 3000 system has been left at the facility and NBPD has agreed to make the system reasonably available to other departments.  If you desire to utilize the facility or the Range 3000 system, Lt. Ricard Rezendes is the NBPD training officer and the contact person.