The Randolph Police Academy is co-located with MPTC H.Q. at 6 Adams Street, Randolph, MA 02368

The Randolph Police Academy offers specialized professional development training's. This facility has four classrooms, a small gymnasium, and a dedicated Range 3000 room for scenario based use-of-force simulator training.  The training entrance and parking is located behind the building. Parking for training is available behind the building.

Academy Staff:

Kevin Donnelly, Veteran Officer Program Coordinator
PH: (781) 437-0351 | FAX: (781) 963-0235 | E-mail:

The academy classrooms can be made available to host in state and out-of-state law enforcement training's or for other training purposes when not in use by the MPTC. One classroom accommodates up to 50; two can accommodate 32; and a conference room can accommodate 24.  Please contact Kevin Donnelly @ (781) 437-0351 for classroom availability.